Hot Tips of the Month:

  • Change nothing & Nothing changes
  • Counterchange by making it your own




Change is inevitable, whether you’re a tree or a human being. Any observation that we observe in the universe is not arbitrary but is happening as some kind of unchanging rule, i.e. speed of light.

You, however, evolve and change constantly. Human beings have an innate desire for control but as we know the uncertainty or rather change is exists. We do not control the universe nor the outcomes of people’s actions.

We do however control ourselves and change our worlds.



Life & Times of Stephen Hawking

The world famous-physicist, Stephen Hawking who died on 14th March 2018, after enduring a slow-progressing form of motor nuerone disease.

The renowned physicist worked on the basic laws that govern the universe. Did you ever ponder on how the universe is governed and your role in it?

Hawking’s final work – titled “A Smooth Exit from Eternal Inflation” is being reviewed by a leading scientific journal. In it, he predicted how our universe would eventually fade to darkness as the stars run out of gas.

Source: Hawking Foundation



VAT Increase

After the Budget speech and much contentment from South Africans, the former Finance Minister increased VAT “Value Added Tax” by 1% with effect of the 1st of April 2018.

The former Minister maintained that the increase was the right decision for economic growth.

We at, Jomat look forward to the economies growth Jomat. In the meantime, we adjust invoices.

Source: Daily Maverick



“Act as a master of your life by putting your health, well-being and happiness first” – Marianna Olszewski








The key to success is Action – Brian Tracy





Taking the step to buy your first property is exciting, from living in a rented apartment to owning the apartment or house in the area you like. Buying property requires more than the financial backing, receiving and knowing the correct steps to take in order to purchase your property hassle free.

Here a few guidelines we know will help you step in the right direction.

  • Read and do your homework. Ask quality questions and know what is required for you to have.
  • Check your credit score. A great credit score is maintained over a certain period of time and affects the amount received for the home loan.
  • Can you afford the house/apartment your considering buying. Using an affordability calculator, you can estimate the total loan amount.
  • Pre-qualification for a home loan process by applying and getting the home loan approved, through the bank.

Buying property is a simple process should your paperwork be aligned and correct.  Your property agent will assist you through the process.

Source: Property24



Online Training & Workshops

It’s always a time to learn at Jomat. We bringing you exciting and engaging courses that will shift your life and kick in the change that your life.

  • Full day workshops

Daily Planning – learn a new technique that’s been designed to “turn your thoughts into action”

Speeding Reading – learn to read a 300 pg book in less than a day.

Speaking Course – face the fears and speak to anyone on any level confidently.