Is the Jomat process confidential

The process we undertake is very confidential to protect your privacy. We have a confidentiality agreement upfront so as to allow you to decide what can or cannot be shared with others. As our client, you would indicate what confidentiality agreements your company, family, association already has, so that we can comply with those.

However, we find that in most cases, the load that you were carrying and keeping private does not matter anymore after our process with you, and you are instead grateful that it occurred, because you see how the ‘bad’ situation actually served you. We firmly believe that in every crisis there IS a blessing. Therefore;

  • Yes the process is confidential. Each delegate will sign a confidentiality agreement at the beginning of the session or it can be a verbal agreement between the team.
  • You may choose to share your experience/s during the session, within a group setting, and this can be hugely beneficial to the other parties present. In so doing, you may inspire someone else to do the same and so, everyone will learn from your unique experience. It assists us in being able to maximise our teaching sessions, at the same time, remaining sensitive to peoples issues and personal lives.
Will this be useful for my team?

Absolutely, Yes. Our objective for our T-3 ( teach the teacher) concept  is to ensure that there’s a transfer of skills. After we have gone through the process with you, you will be in a position to the same for your team. Alternatively, we could work with a team, and from this team we identify a few who will be responsible for the transference of this skill, and this would ensure that your whole team benefits from the process.

Every organisation that has a team or teams will at one point or another experience team challenges. The Jomat team’s role is to deal with dynamics within a team, or family and so on. Jomat makes teams understand their teammates, and it exposes the capabilities of the team by making all team members realize their worth and how they fit into a team.

Moreover, we don’t only ensure that the team realizes their role towards the achievement of the overall goal, but also, their own individual goals. Therefore, they would be intrinsically motivated to perform and excel when they see how playing their roles to the best of their abilities benefits them and how it serves what’s most important to them. What we do with teams creates successful teams.

We have learned, through our own experience of using this tool, that every area of life is naturally intertwined and cannot be separated. Therefore, this skill will be of use in any environment, whether it be at home, work or play.

    What areas will I get involved with?

    Our approach is a holistic one, because we believe that if there is an area of life that is not addressed and worked on, where someone is not empowered, then someone else will overpower them.

    When this happens, people tend to despair and lose faith. Therefore, what is most important is to know what really matters to the individual, what is their highest value – and then we work on how the other areas assist the individual to support their highest value. Therefore, balance is the key factor, all areas should be worked on so that none is neglected because every area has a bearing on one’s progress in life.

      What results have you helped with others?

      The biggest achievement when speaking to people is mainly the experience of the ‘AHA’ moment. When you see someone connecting the dots and being in a state of gratefulness for all that has happened to them.

      We have worked with several groups and individuals who have made huge changes in their lives after their interactions with us, and also seeing a way forward and a clearer picture of their lives.

        How much will this cost?

        The cost varies according to the size of the group and need of the client we service.  We have basic rates available on request for the relevant services.

        Each opportunity will be quoted on request.

          JOMAT is a female owned company that provides global educational services to organisations, communities, businesses and individuals.  The founding members believe firmly in education through a combination of experiential work and coursework, to produce maximal potential. 


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