The initial point is to have the first conversation to establish what the needs are and therefore determine the amount of work  required. Then we would send you a quote. Upon acceptance of the quote and the conditions we therefore set dates and times.

Again, depending on size, the venue could be at your company’s premises or a hired venue, which would be at your cost. For one on ones, you would be required to meet with a Jomat consultant at a private venue to be arranged by the Jomat consultant.

Contact us via email  to set up a meeting and we will guide you through the process.

We will then determine what your needs and challenges are so as to establish the work and the period required.

Together, we will ensure that your success, becomes our success.

JOMAT is a female owned company that provides global educational services to organisations, communities, businesses and individuals.  The founding members believe firmly in education through a combination of experiential work and coursework, to produce maximal potential. 


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