Both Jomat consultants have previously  worked with a diverse group of individuals, whereby their innate love for working with people and assisting them came into play. Through their own life experiences, and their career paths, they are able to now apply the knowledge from their human behaviour work into any situation at work, home, or for an individual’s benefit.


Jodie Sherwin Hill - Global Educator and Activator Consultant

Jodie loves to think strategically about the holistic system and combine this with her enthusiasm to expand human potential.  Through her consistent learning of the great minds, she has a deep awareness that everything is connected. When one is able to view the entire value chain, then it is possible to systemise and be proactive when working with any individual/s or organisation, producing exponential growth. This will have a significant and positive impact on the bottom line.  A great deal of this awareness has come through  her personal experience and challenge of operating and streamlining in silos, whereby every cent counted and, efficiency and effectiveness were critical to business survival.  She is looking for a WIN, WIN, fair exchange scenario, and, absolutely loves her work.  Jodie is inspired by a baseline of educating people and managing emotions wisely to ensure the straightest route towards the vision.

MATSELENG MOGODI - Activator and Property Specialist

Matseleng loves making an impact on people’s lives, whether it be building a house, providing housing, selling housing, or, expanding their awareness to impact ones’ personal growth journey.  The combination of these factors have allowed Matseleng to gain education and experience in numerous fields, empowering children to adults from all levels of socioeconomic status.  She thrives on turning challenges into opportunities.  She loves to continually grow and educate herself to ensure she can offer the very best service to the lives she touches.  Matseleng is extremely grateful to be working in the markets of Africa, that sometimes others would shy away from.

Ingrid Corbett - Executive Assistant

Ingrid is an enthusiastic indoors/outdoors executive travel office administrator. From rock climbing to setting diaries, travel bookings to flying fishing with anything in between, Ingrid will sort it all while engaging with a diverse spectrum of people.

With a combination of over 20years experience in office and travel management Ingrid has most challenge categories completed under her belt. Administrative expertise runs through her veins since both parents were in the financial and medical professional fields. Now she is on board at JOMAT to help build out successful front and back office workings as well as assist with strategizing and organizing team development

Nina McCaul - Spiral Dynamics Coach

Nina established True North Mindscaping (Pty) Ltd 18 years ago, a consulting company harnessing the essence of her 30 years in business. Her critical core competencies are in the domain of individual and organisational development as facilitator of breakthrough solutions and sustainable change management. Nina is a certified NLP master practitioner and Meta-Coach as well as being accredited by the National Values Center Consulting (NVCC) in Santa Barbara USA as an expert practitioner, facilitator  and mentor in applying the theory, Spiral Dynamics®. Over the past 8 years, Nina has worked closely with the NVCC in coaching and mentoring many individuals and groups through the online learning and training platform created by the NVCC.

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Barbara USA as an expert practitioner, facilitator  and mentor in applying the theory, Spiral Dynamics®. Over the past 8 years, Nina has worked closely with the NVCC in coaching and mentoring many individuals and groups through the online learning and training platform created by the NVCC.

This unique suite of assessments, models and toolkit involves a deep insight of Values and Beliefs Systems and the attendant impact it has on the realisation of a business strategy whilst mitigating the risk factors within a designated timeframe.

It offers an illuminating new way of thinking about human nature and behaviour, creating awareness of what makes people different and alike at levels deeper than mere demographics of age and gender, economics or ethnicities, religious beliefs or traditional customs. It opens a doorway in developing a culture of understanding and tolerance as we find common ground in an ever-changing fast-paced world.

An integral part of her value proposition is the design and delivery of learning workshops, using Spiral Dynamics® to fast-track strategy implementation for customers. The extensive toolkit enables individuals to gain a perspective on their decision-making processing whilst providing practical suggestions in becoming more resourceful in their approach to the challenges they face, thus enabling collaboration. Her workshop, Thresholds, is a practical, hands-on approach in dealing with the restrictive impact of conflict, personally and professionally.


From the inception of True North, Nina has been contracted for extended periods to corporates in South Africa. The First Rand group of companies, FNB, Rand Merchant Bank and Nedbank are some of her clients. She was contracted by BMW South Africa for 4 years to design and roll out a values- driven change management program within the dealer networks, collaborating with executive management to ensure consistency in the alignment of the stated vision and benchmarked outcomes.

Lovelyn Chidinma Nwadeyi

Lovelyn is a young, vibrant and proud Nigerian-South African woman who hails from Queenstown in the Eastern Cape. She is an established socio-economic and political voice in the land and is particularly outspoken regarding matters of social justice. She was named among the Mzansi Top 100 Influencers in 2017 and named by lauded Elle Magazine as one of the foremost Women to Watch in 2016. She is also a Fellow of the prestigious USA State Department International Visitors Leadership Programme (IVLP) for premier emerging foreign leaders.

Munyaradzi Comfort Bandi - Lead Researcher

Munyaradzi Comfort Bandi is a lead researcher at Jomat investments. He is most interested in researching and summarising in all areas of life, for the purpose of, assisting the team to integrate and create meaningful curriculums, education and workshops.  Comfort has gained office management skills, life skills and general wellbeing through his mentor, Jodie Sherwin Hill and her various models. He has a vision to assist Jomat in transforming and changing people’s lives, so they can be empowered and work towards their goals and aspirations. Comfort has an art for writing and is a Stephen King fan, he has commenced his first book, inspired by this brilliant author.

Zelna van der Walt - People Catalyst Manager

Zelna has wide experience and qualifications in business management, psychology and marketing, which has linked her towards successful outcomes in project management, training for growth, and, quality relationships among all stakeholders.  She has invested time in the property industry, particularly large scale affordable projects, which also gave her scope to practice to connect her diverse skillsets, in highly emotional environments.  A baseline need for all, is that one can have adequate shelter, to take care of their family and therefore she ensured that Corporate Social Responsibility (CSI) was not just a tick box but, rather a planned initiative, that added real value.  This real value is how she loves to live her own life by, with a motto of, “It is how you make people feel in the end, that matters”.   She cares about people, ensuring that education is quality and available, from pre-school age through to any age, inspiring opportunity for real change, for ones’ future.  She is constantly learning, whether formally or informally to activate the very best for her own life, family and the wider context of all the people she serves.   She loves being the people catalyst to enrich lives beyond expectations.

Megan Kim Crampton - Producer

I am inspired about creating content that is thought provoking and disruptive within the new landscape of broadcasting this content. Content and storytelling are the legacies that generations leave behind, when told effectively these stories can bring about revolutionary changes in our society.

Reyner Nefdt - Digital Marketing Specialist

Rey’s mission is to show companies a better way of engaging online opportunities in order to drive profits and reduce unnecessary marketing expenditure. He spent much of his career leading digital marketing operations for global organisations and now runs his own digital marketing business.  He Enjoys taking on projects that are difficult and turning them into successful campaigns by applying dynamic and “out of the box” digital strategies along with his 12 years of experience in the online market.

Katherine Anne Warner – Digital Designer

Starting out in the world of fine art, Kate realised the opportunity to commercialise her artistic talent within the ever-growing world of digital design. Also having a keen interest in technology, Kate was able to apply her intuitive understanding of digital design software and combine it with her many years as a skilled artist, fulfilling her vision to design beautiful and engaging digital content for companies and brands so that they may elevate their online status.

Nina Stewart - Creative Design Artist

Nina is well-known as a Fashion designer, Educator, Facilitator and Problem Solver, in the field of design. She is inspired about solving design challenges through the development and exploration of unique visual concepts. Promoting the development of the creative thinking process through conceptualizing visual strategies and experimenting within practical applications. Her experience is derived from teaching, exploring and exchanging ideas relating to the design environment especially in the field of visual merchandising, styling and fashion. Focusing on innovation and forward thinking while working with a wide range of product and materials to achieve visually appealing and attractive installations. Involving herself enthusiastically in all areas requiring an unusual yet practical solution in the design field. Nina is an inspired, forward thinking designer with a unique way of creating and solving challenges to bring life to any concept or project.


Cliff Matshatsha - "Property Enthusiast"

Cliff loves property and the forward thinking it takes to remain relevant in the real estate industry.  With changes in the future of work, Cliff strongly believes in constant innovation, ensuring both sellers and buyers from all sectors, are satisfied, long after services have been rendered.  Cliff knows with certainty that his previous 11 years of sales success can be attributed to the relationships he has built over time, constantly ensuring Win, Win, scenarios.  This has led him back to Jomat and Snooks Estates, whom have a principle that demonstrates all parties need to win, or everyone eventually loses.  This is pushing him to be more creative, to think completely without a box, while at the same time, seeing the inter-connection of; commercial, retail, residential, sectional-title, mixed-use developments, and greenfield projects.  What is most important to Cliff is to see Smart Cities being created in Africa, allowing, upliftment and stability of those countries, making it an attractive destination to be based, for all.

Melody Joyisa - Change & Training Specialist

Melody has been involved in the IT industry for the past 17 years. Her experience is covering the following areas: SAP HCM Consulting, EMS Change and Training Manager, SAP CRM Test Manager and Fundsmart Insurance Project Manager. Her educational background is Bcom-HR with University of Pretoria. She has good HCM Process Analysis, Training, Communication and Project Management skill.

Leizl Eykelhof - Content Editor

Leizl Eykelhof has a Bachelor of Journalism degree (with a major in English) and 20 years of experience in the media industry where her varied interests have allowed her to work across a number of areas from writing to editing and design, photography to project management and social media. Most of her career has been spent as a layout sub-editor at various newspapers, both here and in the UK with the highlight being her work in literacy projects for children in disadvantaged schools in South Africa. She has worked for the Mail & Guardian, The Times, Sunday Times, Cape Times, Cape Argus, Salisbury Journal, The Wiltshire Times, Daily Dispatch and My Week. She was editor of ReadRight magazine, the Sunday Times’ award-winning publication for children, one of the founding members of the Nal’ibali reading for enjoyment campaign and was editor of News for Kids, a newspaper for children in Soweto. It is through this work that she was able to combine her skills with her inspiration for social development and transformation. It is these projects that she now seeks out working as a freelance writer and editor for a wide variety of clients from civil engineers to life coaches.


I am inspired about handling the community liaison between the community, the contractor, the Social facilitator and JOSHCo (Johannesburg Social Housing Company).  It is constantly challenging my personal growth as the social housing space involves a lot of emotions from all sides, particularly whereby local labourers and SME’s (Small to Medium Enterprises), want to be involved in the project.  I have been working with Jomat since 2015 and have thoroughly enjoyed the lessons each day brings.  Discovering ways to keep things moving forward is what inspires me the most and I look forward to projects being completed in my community.

Marcus van Niekerk – Cyberwiz – Predictive Analyst

Marcus is inspired to discover targeted data from multiple inputs and stakeholders, in an endeavour to predict what can go right or wrong, to ensure quality decision making, creation of opportunities and mitigation of risk, in the NOW.  This allows decision makers to be proactive, rather than reactive.  Marcus is inspired by making the unknown, KNOWN and VISIBLE, allowing quality service to all stakeholders allowing them to remain relevant, in their chosen industry.  Quality predictive data analytics allows businesses to remain lean, agile, as well as, identify the most efficient and effective routes towards their vision.  Marcus has consulted in Africa for over 20 years assisting large corporations to small lean, businesses and, is industry agnostic.  He uses his Cyberwiz system, developed through his ample experience and has managed to dramatically and positively impact the bottom line.


Between a Jomat consultant and business coach or mentor?

A Jomat consultant will not mould you to become like someone else, instead, you will be aware of the person you could be and work toward being the best ‘you’ you can be. We know that you have all the answers to all of your questions, and we use our methods to help you see that so that you can, in future, be able to apply the same methods for other challenges. Our aim is to empower you so that you are independent and can use these tools for yourself and those around you.

A Jomat consultant will also investigate why you need external motivation to perform at your highest level, because at Jomat,  we believe that when you do what you love and love what you do, then you excel in that field. We seek and hone in on your intrinsic motivation because that belongs to you. This is what will continue to serve you and that’s where the best of you can ever come from.


JOMAT is a female owned company that provides global educational services to organisations, communities, businesses and individuals.  The founding members believe firmly in education through a combination of experiential work and coursework, to produce maximal potential.