There are several service providers who do their work perfectly, however, the Jomat consultants do not follow the ‘book’, their approach focuses on each individual case and instead of walking away with knowledge and understanding of your situation and challenge, you walk away with tools to assist you, and a great appreciation for all that has happened because the Jomat consultants will work with you to see and appreciate your challenge and see how it has benefitted you towards achieving what is most important to you.

It is vital that we inspire you, as an individual, first. Subsequently, you will find that you will automatically inspire, and thus empower people around you.

You can rely on trusted advisors, who encompass combined teaching experience and expertise in educational environments. We also hold director roles in our own individual businesses.

We have written and produced manuals and curricula, addressing different areas of development.

We lead by example – everything that we teach, we have personally put into practise in our own lives.

Like everyone else, we experience challenges but our approach and understanding of “Why things happen?” helps us to find inspiration in all that we do.

We are lifelong learners, who are constantly evolving. Having travelled to over 40 countries in the world, we understand people, as well as their cultures and environments.


Both Jomat consultants have previously  worked with a diverse group of individuals, whereby their innate love for working with people and assisting them came into play. Through their own life experiences, and their career paths, they are able to now apply the knowledge from their human behaviour work into any situation at work, home, or for an individual’s benefit.


between a Jomat consultant and business coach or mentor?

A Jomat consultant will not mould you to become like someone else, instead, you will be aware of the person you could be and work toward being the best ‘you’ you can be. We know that you have all the answers to all of your questions, and we use our methods to help you see that so that you can, in future, be able to apply the same methods for other challenges. Our aim is to empower you so that you are independent and can use these tools for yourself and those around you.

A Jomat consultant will also investigate why you need external motivation to perform at your highest level, because at Jomat,  we believe that when you do what you love and love what you do, then you excel in that field. We seek and hone in on your intrinsic motivation because that belongs to you. This is what will continue to serve you and that’s where the best of you can ever come from.


JOMAT is a female owned company that provides global educational services to organisations, communities, businesses and individuals.  The founding members believe firmly in education through a combination of experiential work and coursework, to produce maximal potential.